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For Carpe it is very important that our customers are happy and satisfied.


- Shipping policy:

Shipments are made through the Post Office, according to the type of service chosen by the customer (PAC, SEDEX, SEDE 10 or SEDEX 12). For immediate delivery, the shipping will take place within 3 working days after payment approval. In case of a made-to-measure piece, the deadline will be defined and agreed upon with the customer. The shipping fees are for the client's account.


In order to clarify any doubts and keep our relationship transparent, we make available our Exchange Policy based on the Consumer Defense Code and the E-Commerce Guide.


- Considerations:


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact us via e-mail: 


After this initial contact support will forward instructions on how to proceed to make a return and/or exchange. 


Carpe only exchanges and returns products purchased virtually, as well as the physical store does NOT exchange products purchased through the site.


We do NOT exchange products that have already been exchanged by our team. We also do NOT cancel or refund purchases of products that have already been exchanged. 


To be entitled to exchange and/or returns, the deadlines must be respected according to the reason. Whenever the product is sent to Carpe, it must accompany the original packaging, remaining with the label, accessories (if included) and show no signs of use, manipulation, smell or dirt that may alter its original characteristics.


We recommend trying on the clothes after bathing and without prior use of deodorants, moisturizers, body oil or makeup, to prevent the clothes from being marked by the chemistry of these products. 



- Exchange due to defect in the product or incompatibility with the description:


If the product presents, within 90 days of receipt, some kind of vice that makes it unfit for use, decreases the original value or compromises its characteristics or, furthermore, when the product is not equal to what was informed about it, Carpe shall solve it within a maximum of 30 working days from the notification, in a single opportunity. After this deadline, if the problem is not solved, the consumer is entitled to choose among the options:

- immediate exchange for the same product (if available);

- cancellation of purchase with full refund of the amount paid;

- exchange for other products that are available at the store (if there is a difference in values, it will be at the customer's expense);

- keep the credit for future purchases;

- if you prefer, you can accept to keep the product with a discount in the price.


All products will be analyzed by Carpe's quality control department and the average deadline for completion is 30 days after receipt of the product, according to the Consumer Defense Code. 


If no defect is found, the product will be sent back to the consumer.  


- Size and/or model exchange.


The consumer who buys a product or hires a service over the Internet is entitled to request an exchange of the product within a maximum period of 7 (seven) days from the receipt of the product (delivery date informed in the tracking). To do this, you must formalize the exchange request via email: .


To be entitled to exchange, the deadlines should be respected.


If products are sent without prior information, the order will be returned to the sender without reimbursement of shipping costs. 



- Exchanging products on promotion:


Carpe does not exchange products that were purchased on promotion.



- Regret period:


The consumer who buys a product or contracts a service over the Internet has the right to repent of the purchase within a maximum period of 07 (seven) days, counted from the receipt of the product (delivery date informed in the tracking). To do so, you must formalize the cancellation request and request the return of any amount eventually paid.


In case of regretting the purchase, the freight will not be refunded.


In this case it is requested that the consumer first of all send an e-mail communicating the regret to . If products are sent without prior information, the order will be returned to the sender without refund of shipping costs. 



- Refund of Values:


If for any reason the order cannot be delivered, due to non-existent address or the non-access to the delivery location, it will return to our Center and the value corresponding to this order will be returned according to the payment method chosen at the time of purchase. However, if the reason for non-delivery is an error in the data registered by the client, we will cancel the order and the amount paid for the products (except shipping) will be refunded. If the client maintains the interest in the purchase, a new payment of freight will be required for us to reship the products. 


If the product purchased or chosen for exchange is no longer available, the customer has two options:


- request a refund of the amount paid according to the payment method used in the purchase; or 

- keep the credit (of the same value as the order) in their registration at Carpe for a future purchase. 


It is at the discretion of the customer the choice that will best suit him.


Refunds for reasons of Regret follow the same rules as above.



If the purchase is made by credit card, we will request a chargeback from the credit card company through PagSeguro within 7 business days. The deadline for refunds may vary according to the credit card company and the issuing bank.

Partial refunds are not permitted.


For other forms of payment (bank payment slip and online transfer), the refund will occur within 10 business days, after receipt and analysis of the product(s) conditions by our company. The account informed for the refund must be in the name of the customer who placed the order. WE WILL NOT MAKE REFUNDS ON THIRD PARTY ACCOUNTS.


The deadline for refund/refund of the amount paid or credit begins only after receipt of the returned product at the address sent by the support team and checking its conditions. If there is any indication of use, the return will not be accepted.


For further information, please contact our customer service center via e-mail.

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