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About the Bridal line

After 5 years producing haute couture for bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and trainees, Carpe has gone up a notable step in its trajectory. With the opening of a new space that clearly shows its evolution in terms of style and sophistication, it started to offer beautiful creations for the bridal segment. 


The aesthetic proposal continues to reflect what Carpe has always been: a brand that values excellence in cutting, that makes use of light materials and brings modern and youthful designs. 


What is new about the Bridal line?

A greater diversity of materials, cuts and silhouettes as well as pieces richer in details. The result is what you would expect from a brand with such a unique personality: pieces of art in the form of dresses that exude whimsy, harmony and good taste.

How we work

The brand's new studio has a showroom with models from the Bridal line in a collection that brings a great variety of cuts, materials and silhouettes allowing brides to refine their initial ideas through some fittings. 


The dresses are available for sale only (not for rental). The accessories that go with them, such as veils, mantillas, and garlands, can be rented. 


Our brides have 2 possible solutions for their big day: 


Bridal Line: Creations idealized by our stylist Priscila Freitas and that may suffer slight changes to adapt to the bride's taste and needs. 


There is also the possibility of ordering models created from scratch based on a briefing and visual references provided by the bride. This demand is made from a second visit to the studio, after the fitting of the models from the Bridal line.


To visit the studio it is necessary to schedule an appointment through the number +55 (61) 99684-9477 (calls or Whatsapp). 

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